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Brent Hilpert hilpert at cs.ubc.ca
Fri Sep 14 20:51:19 CDT 2007

Gordon JC Pearce wrote:
> I often wonder about the process that lead to the design of the drive.  I can
> picture a couple of engineers sitting mulling over the problem over a few
> beers, trying to get more capacity out of their disks.  One gets up to go and
> get a round in, and decides to go stick something on the jukebox...

We were having a similar discussion on the list a couple of years ago:

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Subject: Re: data stored in moving rust, was Re: Remembering RAMAC
Date:    Fri, 27 May 2005 11:12:56 -0700
From:    Brent Hilpert <hilpert at cs.ubc.ca> 
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>Eric Smith wrote:
> > 
> > Tom wrote:
> > > Hand-wave -- it was obvious.
> > 
> > In hindsight it looks obvious.  I'm not convinced that it was
> > obvious 50 years ago.

I can imagine a couple of engineers in the 1950s hanging out at the diner for
lunch and discussing "we need something with capabilities similar to drums
but with a lot more storage capacity".

One of the engineers gets up from his seat and puts a nickel in the jukebox,
and watches the tone-arm move amongst the stack of disc records...

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It's also interesting to note that audio recording went through the same
transition: starting out on drums (cylinders) and then moving to discs.

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