Help identifying a PDP-11

Tony Duell ard at
Sun Sep 16 15:54:20 CDT 2007

> > Any advice on moving RK07 drives? Do I need to lock heads?
>    They are top-heavy, so be careful there.  If memory serves,  

Normally the standard under an RK07 is empty, which is what makes them 
very top-heavy. if you want to remvoe the drvie from the stand, take off 
the doors and side panels, then there are 4 screws that go up fron 
underneath through the top fo the stand into the drive.

I cna't lift an RK07 drive on my own, it's a stagger-job for 2 people 
IMHO. If ytou are stuck moving one on your own. it's possible to take it 
apart into carryable bits without disturbing any alignment, but it's a 
bit of work. Let me know if you want me to talk you through it.

> RK06/07 drives don't have a manual head locking mechanism.

There's an emergency-retract battery (IIRC 8 NiCD cells) which will 
almost certainly be flat, but more importantly, there's a head lock 
solenoid which will automatically lock the positioner in the home 
position when the power is turend off. THere's nothing you have to lock 
by hand when moving a drive.


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