Help identifying a keyboard?

woodelf bfranchuk at
Sun Sep 16 18:48:36 CDT 2007

Seth Morabito wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Can anyone help identify the keyboard in these photos? (apart from the 
> obvious, that it's made by Stackpole and has a part number of 86-90-0048 ;)
> I picked it up for fifty cents at a swap meet in the hopes that it might 
> be an ASCII keyboard that I could use in an Apple I replica, but given 
> that it has a 40-pin DIP socket, it's clearly not (it was very early in 
> the morning, what can I say).  It has a five-pin power header on the top 
> left, two red LED indicators, the aforementioned 40-pin DIP socket, and 
> only one IC, an SN7414N, so it's obviously not doing much logic.
Well it is a nice keyboard ... better built than todays 39 cent keyboards.
You could be missing the keyboard encoder chip ( the 40 pin socket).
But that still leaves where do you get output from.

> -Seth

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