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Allison ajp166 at bellatlantic.net
Sun Sep 16 13:33:24 CDT 2007

>Subject: RE: Kaypro movcpm.com
>   From: dwight elvey <dkelvey at hotmail.com>
>   Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2007 06:49:28 -0700
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> My understanding of movcpm.com is that it needs to be the
>exact one that comes with that version. I beleive it has
>tables of addresses to replace.

Correct.  there is a serial number thats easy to take care of
but the real problem is that MOVCPM has to be valid for the BIOS
in use.  Reason is that MOVCPM is a relocator that operates by
adjusting the various Jumps and Calls in the code and if the 
BIOS and MOVCPM do not match that reloc will make hash of the 

> If you have ROMs, it is unlikely that it is a 64K CPM. One
>would need to allow some space for the ROMs. It may already
>be a 62K.

Likely less for a lot of reasons. Roms can be mapped out of the 
ram map or transient. 

I'd bet more like 56K is the case.

> You might try moving to something you know is safe like

Good idea and then if you sysgen that code to a disk use a fresh 
disk to avoid crunching a working one.


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