Catweasel Mk1-3 not suitable for archiving - why?

Jim Leonard trixter at
Sun Sep 16 18:41:51 CDT 2007

Philip Pemberton wrote:
> Zane H. Healy wrote:
>> I've no idea who these people are, but I find it interesting that they 
>> insist that PC 1.44MB floppies be read on a "GENUINE Amiga high 
>> density disk drive".  In looking it appears that they are using their 
>> own software, "IPF" (Interchangeable Preservation Format), which 
>> likely is the real reason behind these edicts.
> Basically, they have their own software that reads the discs and 
> produces a raw image. Then you send them the image and they send the IPF 
> back.
> The lack of a formal format specification for IPF means I'm not going to 
> be implementing support for it in the FD Reader software. It doesn't 
> look like there are many (any?) standard, open formats for raw disc 
> archiving. DMK is a raw track dump (including sector headers), but 
> AFAICT doesn't have any features to represent MFM 'weirdness', e.g. 
> missing clocks and speed-shifting (which seems to be a feature of quite 
> a few copy protection schemes).

The FDI format (google "Disk2FDI") is open and complete, and there's a 
few emulators supporting it (WinUAE, others that are also non-Amiga). 
Doesn't require a catweasel either.
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