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Roy J. Tellason rtellason at
Mon Sep 17 18:50:25 CDT 2007

On Monday 17 September 2007 18:57, Tony Duell wrote:
> > When I think about it, the MITS 8800 had connector punchouts for DB25
> > *only* in the back panel.  DB25 seemed to be the lingua franca back
> > then for hobbyist interfaces.  If one had an 8" floppy drive, one ran
> > the ribbon cable right through the crack between the back panel and
> > the case cover directly to the controller card(s).  No DD50s.
> I have an S100 amchine called a CASU Super C. It contains a Cromemco CPU
> board, some other stnadard 64K RAM bvoard, a Micromation Doubler disk
> controller and CASU-designed boot ROM and seiral interface boards.
> The disk drive (a Persci) is in a separate box. The 50 wire interface
> cable is split down the middle adn connected to a pair of DB25s...

I have a Cromemco "System 3" (?).  It also has a Persci drive in it,  a dual.  
Is that what yours is?

There's apparently some sort of a problem with mine,  as the floppy which was 
in it when I got it had been tried so much and for so long that the initial 
tracks were completely worn away,  and you could see through it.

On perusing the service data for it,  I notice that the drive uses a bunch of 
_incandescent_ light bulbs for things like index sensor,  etc.  I would 
imagine that one or more of these is likely to be the problem.

I'd deferred working on it because you can't do much with it in the computer 
case,  and I needed to make some sort of extension for the power cable to the 
drive, which was a rather odd connector...

Nice machine,  in that the S-100 card cage pulls out like a drawer.  Too bad 
it's not working.

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