Does anyone have a SGI Onyx 10000 RealityEngine2?

Robert Borsuk rborsuk at
Fri Sep 21 15:07:46 CDT 2007

	I have three of these units which I have transported on a small  
trailer I pull behind.  The frame is very  sturdy (built like a tank)  
but if I was to tip it to transport it, I would take a picture and  
label the boards and then remove them for travel.  The skins  
themselves are fairly heavy.  The unit isn't really top or bottom  
heavy (in my opinion only) it seems more center heavy (cards and  
drives located more towards the center.  I would probably leave the  
supplies in it.
Only my two cents.


On Sep 21, 2007, at 11:34 AM, JP Hindin wrote:

> Greetings;
> I'm planning on moving an Onyx rack in the next two weeks and I'm  
> probably
> going to have to be fairly agricultural with my tooling - pickup  
> truck and
> flatbed trailer, no lift gate, no lovely enclosed box.
> I'm thinking that to safely transport this I'll tip it on its back  
> and lay
> it flat on some 2x4s onto the flatbed trailer, but I'd love any advice
> from listers who have moved one, or better yet, who have one and  
> can tell
> me things like - how solid is the frame (after removal of the plastic
> skins)? Is it top heavy? Bottom heavy? (I'm guessing after removal of
> PSUs, top heavy, but unsure)
> Anything would be much appreciated.
> I found the below:
> Which gives a nice picture of a unit with open doors, but it's hard to
> tell how solid the frame rails are. The thing looks awfully deep to  
> be a
> standard 19" rack, so I'm guessing it's custom, but... having never  
> seen
> one...
> Many thanks for your time,
> JP Hindin

Rob Borsuk
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