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jvdg at jvdg at
Mon Sep 24 08:51:08 CDT 2007


>> Can someone point me to somewhere where I can get a case cracker of some
>> sort?  I don't think I'm going to score an official Apple one, so I'll
>> settle for one that looks like the one on this page:
> I've heard the term 'case cracker' or 'Mac cracker' applied to 2 
> different tools  : A long TX15 Torx driver to fit the screws in the 
> handle of classic Macs; and a thing to fit in the groove between the 
> front and hack parts of the case to force them apart after you've removed 
> the screws.
> For the formsr, the Xcellite System 99 drivers work well. You need a 
> handle, X5 extension and TX15 blade (the parts should all be available 
> separately, you don't need to buy a set). With the extension, the tool is 
> long enoguh to easily remove those screwsm and the blade itself is long 
> enough so that the joint between it and the extension bar is in the 
> larger part of the handle.
> For the latter, I've always found that if you remove the battery cover 
> (needed to get at one of the screws), you can press on the battery and 
> the I/O connectors to get the case free..

My preferred method is to place the Mac face-down on a towel (to avoid scratching), and then give the sides a good whack with the palms of both hands. This will split the case right open with a very satisfying "PHLOOMPH!" type of sound.


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