Compaq BIOS,

scheefj at scheefj at
Wed Sep 26 14:03:22 CDT 2007


While others beat me to sending the file, here's how I found it: I went 
to and search for the filename. The result was a link FTP Listing 
of HP & Compaq drivers, files and utilities by filename 
which takes you to From here I drilled 
down to find the file.

I wish I could say I knew this before today, but this is a great 
resource to keep in mind when working on older Compaq machines. Files 
for HP machines must be somewhere else.


David O'Rourke wrote:
>   Any chance someone has a copy of    for Compaq 386s?
>   Tried link from
>   at
>   but no luck.  DriverGuide also didn't have the correct link.
>   Thanks.
>   Dave
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