HP integral , 82297a

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Thu Sep 27 14:10:59 CDT 2007

> Re:
> > I seem to rember  that people on this list ( Tony ?) have extended a 
> > 512K  memory expansion for the HP integral.
> HP made an external memory expansion box for the Integral.  

I've not heard of that one, can you decribe it, please.

What I have heard of is a generic expansion box for the Integral. It 
seems to bave been a typical HP 'shoebox' form factor, and linked to the 
Integral via a 64 way cable and a card that went into one of the Integral 
expansion slots. The expaonsion box had 5 slots for Integral cards (so 
you gained 4 slots by using it), you could connect one to each of the 
Integral's internal expansion slots, but you couldn't hang one expansion 
box off another.

I think I read somewhere that du to possible delays in the buffer 
circuitry in the epansion boc, the DTACK/ signal from add-on cards there 
was delayed a bit. Putting memory cards in the expansion box would work, 
but would slow the machine down a bit, if at all possible put them in the 
main machine.

> I have one, and I've seen two or three others.  Unfortunately,
> it takes a special cable to connect the Integral to the expansion box,
> and (IIRC) I don't have one.

My Integral came with the card to link to an expansion box, but alas no 
expanison box iteslf. The connector on the card is a 64 pin Microribbon 
sicket, like a large Centronics connector, and I can find nowhere that 
sells the plugs (this connector was used on some other HP devices, but 
I've never seen it anywhere eise).

Incidentally, I am _still_ looking for a serial card for my Integral. 
Those things seem to be rarer than hen's teeth!


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