Looking for "Programming CalComp Electromechanical Plotters" book

Erik Baigar erik at baigar.de
Fri Sep 28 00:32:44 CDT 2007

Dear Sellam Ismail,

I have got a 1039 plotter which I got from a engineering 
company years ago. They used it in the 90ies with DOS 
based software and they had certain libraries (I think 
it was fortran) from Calcomp to use the plotter. These 
libraries contained commands for e.g. drawing mathematial 
diagrams, characters and so on.

Maybe I somewhere have got the documentation (a few 
pages) listing the commands which are implemented in
the library.

Is this the kind of stuff you are looking for? What
type of plotter do you have got? Has this one got a 
digital interface (like e.g. PCI907 or PCI906)?

Do you have got any application software on your 1620?
   Best regards,


> The IBM 1620 Restoration Team at the Computer History Museum needs a copy 
> for a project they are working on to interface a CalComp plotter to the 
> 1620.
> If you've got a copy you can provide (all they need is a photocopy or 
> scan) please contact Dave Babcock <dave at kaleidosoft.com>.
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