Anyone collect Dec/Compaq Alphaservers or VAXen?

Allison ajp166 at
Sat Sep 29 08:03:50 CDT 2007

>Subject: Anyone collect Dec/Compaq Alphaservers or VAXen?
>   From: "Dan Snyder" <ddsnyder at>
>   Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2007 20:32:23 -0400
>     To: <cctalk at>
>To all,
>I have monitored the postings and know of a few collectors of VAXen, all types it seems. The
>PDP family is popular too. What about Alphaservers? some are by classic definition at least 
>10 years old such as the 1000/1000A and 1200 series. Alphastations definitely qualify like the
>200/250/255/500 series. I collect most of the Alpha family as I use them frequently. OpenVMS
>and Digital Unix is the OS of choice.

I collect Qbus PDP-11s and MicroVAX and also have a selection
of 3100 series machines (VAXserver and microVAX).  

OS for the Vaxen are OVMS5.4, V7.3 and also Ultrix4.2. OS for the 
PDP-11s is RT11, RSTS and unixV6.

Never considered Alpha as they are too recent for me.   If I had 
one it would be in daily service.


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