Anyone collect Dec/Compaq Alphaservers or VAXen?

der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Sat Sep 29 22:55:11 CDT 2007

> Enough for now, let me and/or the group what you have.  Maybe we can
> form some sort of list for contact and advice or maybe part swapping.

Well, I wouldn't say I "collect" Alphas or VAXen.  But I have a handful
of them.  I have a MicroVAX-II (in a BA123).  I have a couple of more
recent VAXen which I put on the shelf when I got them and haven't yet
collected the round tuits to get out and do anything with; I don't even
remember their model numbers.  I have a drawer full of MicroVAX-II
cards (CPUs, DEQNAs, disk interfaces, tape interfaces, etc) and a spare
BA123, and quite likely could assemble another machine if I wanted to.
As for alphas, I have a NoName (an AXPpci33, I think, is the proper
name for it).  I have a PWS 600au.  I have a "DEC 3000 - M300X,

The µV2 I almost never turn on, because I have basically no disk for
it, and it's *very* slow to run it entirely diskless.  One of my
projects is to try to put together a simple disk interface of some
sort (probably IDE), but that's very much a blue-sky project at the

The NoName has cooling issues.  I have it in a peecee case, and to keep
it from overheating I not only had to add a big fan blowing directly on
the CPU and 3.3V regulator heatsinks, but also run it with the case
open.  It also won't reboot cleanly; if I tell it to reboot, it hangs,
and I have to hard-cycle power to make it come back.  I suspect this
may be a legacy from having overheated to the point of crashing too
many times.

The 3000/M300X has been unstable too, but in rather intermittent ways,
and I've mostly given up on stabilizing it.  I'm not even sure whether
the problems were hardware or software, though I suspect hardware.

The PWS600au has been stable, and I have hopes that it will prove to be
the stable-&-usable Alpha I've wanted for quite a while.

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