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Chuck Guzis cclist at sydex.com
Sun Sep 30 01:21:51 CDT 2007

A friend forwarded this message to me and I agreed to post it.  
Please note that she's an archivist and not a collector:

"I tried posting this elsewhere but other than one
reply that some schools have old computers around,
nobody's come up with a good explanation.

So I thought I'd try Archives List in the hopes that
somebody who either attended Stanford University or
works there might be able to say if the reference is
some sort of in-joke.

The show is Chuck on which premiered on NBC this week
and the question is:

Why would a character who's 27 years old say he'd
developed a video game on a TRS80 when he attended

Assuming a normal progress through school, Chuck
attended college between 1997 and 2002 or perhaps a
few years earlier if he was a child prodigy (of which
there is no evidence in the pilot.)  Would he have
been able to to find a Trash-80 there and use it to
design a video game?

TRS-80's were first manufactured before he was born
and production ended by the time he entered
kindergarten.  Although the Model 100 laptop enjoyed
some popularity - especially with reporters - until
the 1990's, surviving TRS-80's were antiques by the
time the character was in high school.

I've checked various message boards, etc. but haven't
found a mention of this - just lots of comparisons to
Jake 2.0 and a fairly even mix of pans and praise for
the show.

Judy Turner
Whitefish Bay, WI"

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