CDP System question

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Sun Sep 30 02:22:00 CDT 2007

I just got a bunch of diskettes in that were written about 1982/3 
with a Columbia MS-DOS system (DOS 1.26).  I know the 1600 was pretty 
common back then as PC clones go, so no surprises there.

The diskettes are all 320K DSDD and contain a bunch of Perfect Writer 
files, but one contains the actual Perfect Writer executables--and 
they're not the x86 version, but the x80.  All were written before 

Here's my question.  Did CDP ever include a program with their DOS 
boxes to read files from the older 964 Z-80 CP/M systems?  

I'm trying to put some chronology together on this.  Curiously, the 
guy who owns the diskettes never used PW on his x86 box.  He can't 
remember what came from where or how (Some folks are blessed that 


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