Coco keyboards

Tony Duell ard at
Sun Sep 30 12:51:19 CDT 2007

> I think you are thinking of the last CoCo1 version, which came with 64k
> and in a full sized white case. It did have the same keyboard as early CoCo2s.
> They are a little uncommon. I have one of these, and a photo on my site sitting
> beside the more recognized silver CoCo1.

Ah, right...

I assume all CoCo1s had the older design of processor board with things 
like discrete resistors for the DAC, while all CoCo 2's had the 2 ASICs, 
one contianing the DAC, analogue mux, comparator, etc, the other 
containing the cassette relay driver, 5V regulator controller and RS232 
level shifters.

> Early TRS-80 CoCo2s had the same (or at least very similar) keyboard, which
> later changed to more sculpted full sized keys, which continued into the CoCo3.

OK... I got into the CoCo relatively late, when they were being sold off 
by Tandy over here. All the machines I saw were late CoCo 2s... I liked 
them so much (6809 processor and OS-9) that I ended up buying a CoCo3 
from the States and replacing the power transformer to run it off 240V mains.

So I've proably only seen the later keyboards.


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