HP-1000 HP-IB / GP-IB IEEE-488.2, etc

Bob Shannon bshannon at tiac.net
Mon Apr 7 18:24:16 CDT 2008

To use HPIB mass-storage on an HP 1000 you should be using the 12821A 
interface, not
the 59310B.

12821A interfaces are quite common, I have several extras.

The 59310 interface is for general instrumentation use.
The 12821A interface is electrically very different, at both ends!

The 12821 interface is 'pre-loaded' with termination resistors that
limit the number of devices and cable lengths allowed, and its setup
for DMA (DCPC) transfers at high speed, using FIFO buffers.

The 59310 interface is pure IEEE-488, designed for programmed
I/O.  In fact it takes quite a few machine language instructions to push
a single byte down the bus.  Fast, it is not.

Can you drive your floppy from the 59310?  Yes, its possible.

I once tried to control general instruments using the 12821 (its much
easier to program), but ran into electrical issues with the pre-loading, 

As for cables, the 12821A cable has a massive ferrite core and a
grounding lug that the 59310 cable does not have.  But I believe that
the two cables are electrically compatible.

I know I have a 12821A cable that was cut, and a replacement connector.
(if your up to building your own)

I would strongly recommend you try to use the 12821A interface with your
floppy, you might find that the 'CS/80' boot loader rom supports that drive.
If so, the loader ROM will only work with the 12821A board, not the

I can also point you towards low-level driver code for both the 59310B
and the 12821A interface boards.

HP-IPL/OS fully supports the 59310 interface for instrument control.
It should not be too hard to write IPL code to talk to your floppy disk
drive and debug the thing from high-level code.

12821A code support is not currently in HP-IPL/OS, but I do have tested
and working low-level code for CS/80 disks that could be patched into
a working CS/80 disk driver, and at that point IPL would have 12821A
support all the way up to a crude DOS and file system.

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> HP-IB, GP-IB and IEEE-488.2 seem to refer to the same more-or-less
> compatible bus architecture.
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IEEE_488
> I'm hoping to get GP-IB storage setup on my HP-1000 systems eventually.
> I've picked up:
> HP 59310-60101 "BUS INPUT/OUTPUT INTERFACE" - low speed GP-IB card
> HP-9122C - dual 3.5" GP-IB floppy drive (Thanx Stan!)
> However I don't have the cable to wire from one to the other. The drive
> has a standard IEEE-488 connector:
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:IEEE-488-Stecker2.jpg
> But the controller has a 50 pin card edge connector.
> Anyone have a spare cable?
> I've been looking at some GB-IB software tools:
> * http://www.hp9845.net/9845/projects/hpdrive/
> emulates GP-IB drives on win32
> * http://www.hp9845.net/9845/projects/hpdir/
> read and write to some GP-IB media and filesystems from win32
> * http://linux-gpib.sourceforge.net/
> Linux GP-IB drivers and libraries. This does NOT include drive emulation
> or access, but it aimed at sensors and other devices that speak GB-IP
> Not all drives use the same protocol over GB-IP. Bitsavers has documents
> that cover the AMIGO and CS/80 command sets:
> * http://www.bitsavers.org/pdf/hp/disc/
> Lots of drive docs including:
> * http://www.bitsavers.org/pdf/hp/disc/subset80_Jul83.pdf
> SS/80 and by reference some of CS/80
> I do not currently have a GP-IB interface for a PC. The National
> Instruments PCI-GPIB cards seems popular on eBay. There are also
> USB-GPIB converters from NI and others. The ISA or SBus cards go for
> less, but then I need to find a machine with one of these slots. :)
> I understand that HP-7920 and HP-7925 drives were AMIGO flavor GP-IB
> drives. Perhaps the HP-7905 and HP-7906 as well? I'm not quite sure
> where the GP-IP buss comes in the picture. There is normally a contoller
> (13037-60028) interface between the drives and the host computer
> interface (02640-90042?) I presume that the bus on one side of the 13037
> is IEEE-488 but I'm not sure which.
> Can the 026xx cards directly attach to GB-IP drives?
> How does the shared storage through a 13037 controller work? are they
> all just IDs on GB-IB?
> Any insight appreciated. Any hardware donations greatly appreciated. :)
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