HP-1000 HP-IB / GP-IB IEEE-488.2, etc

J. David Bryan jdbryan at acm.org
Tue Apr 8 11:55:37 CDT 2008

On 7 Apr 2008 at 16:48, Tim Riker wrote:

> I understand that HP-7920 and HP-7925 drives were AMIGO flavor GP-IB
> drives.

No, these drives used the MAC command set.

> I'm not quite sure where the GP-IP buss comes in the picture.

There were effectively three different interface systems employed by the 
79xx series of drives.

The 7905/06/20/25 drive systems debuted the MAC (Multi-Access Controller) 
command set.  This used a 13037 controller box, one to eight drives, and 
one to eight CPU interfaces.  There were master and slave versions of each 
drive (e.g., 7925M, 7925S, etc.) -- the essential difference being that a 
master drive came with the 13037 controller and the slave did not; the 
drives otherwise were identical.  Interface to the HP 1000 was via the 
13175 card for the first computer and 13178 card for the rest (the only 
differences were cabling and termination resistors on the 13175 card).

Later, an HP-IB option was added via the 12745 card.  This card was 
inserted in the 13037 box and provided an HP-IB connector at the rear of 
the chassis.  Connection to the HP 1000 was via the 12821 disc interface 
card, rather than the 13175 card.  With the HP-IB option, the multi-CPU 
capability was lost, although up to eight drives could still be connected 
to the single CPU.  The MAC command set was retained, although it was now 
transferred via HP-IB.  Note that the addition of the 12745A card did not 
change the command set to CS/80.

Finally, to provide lower-cost installations, the "H" series of ICD 
(Integrated Controller Disc) products was introduced (e.g., 7925H).  These 
dispensed with the 13037 controller box and added a controller card within 
the drive itself, presenting an HP-IB connector on the rear of the drive 
chassis.  Up to four such drives could be connected together, and they used 
the same 12821 interface for connection to a single HP 1000.  The MAC 
command set was still employed, although three of the commands dealing with 
multiple CPUs and error correction (the 13037 provided ECC; the ICD 
controllers did not) were deleted.

> There is normally a contoller (13037-60028) interface...

That's the Device Controller PCA number, one of three cards within the 
13037 chassis (or four, if the 12745 HP-IB option were added).

> ...between the drives and the host computer interface (02640-90042?)

I don't recognize that number at all, although 02640-xxxx should be a 264x 
terminal part number.

> How does the shared storage through a 13037 controller work? are they
> all just IDs on GB-IB? 

The 13037+12745 controller appeared as a single HP-IB device; the attached 
drives were addressed via the "U" (unit number) field of the appropriate 
MAC commands.  Each ICD controller had its own HP-IB address; the unit 
number fields with the commands were not used.


  13037-90006  13037 Disc Controller Installation and Service Manual

  13037-90015  13175/13178 Disc Controller Interface Kits
               Installation and Service Manual

  12745-90901  12745A Disc Controller (13037) to HP-IB Adapter Kit
               Installation and Service Manual

  13365-90901  13365 Integrated Controller Programming Guide

                                      -- Dave

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