Bringing up an older Mac

Mr Ian Primus ian_primus at
Thu Apr 10 07:46:08 CDT 2008

--- David Griffith <dgriffi at> wrote:

> I've just brought up a Mac SE/30 with fresh disks
> and noticed that the
> monitor occasionally gets wavy or shudders.  How
> should I proceed in
> fixing this?

When you say fresh disks, did you mount two internal
hard disks inside the SE/30? Because I did that once,
and the magnetic field from the disk interfered with
the monitor. I had to make up a bracket to move the
second disk an inch farther away from the picture
tube. But, in my case, it was because the magnets in
the disk were bending the lower corner of the screen -
it wasn't moving wavy, it was fixed wavy.

You're probably going to need to replace a couple of
capacitors on the analog board. There's one particular
capacitor that comes to mind as causing a different
problem, it's nonpolar, so watch out. Is it like a
60hz kind of a wave in the picture, or is it more
random? A wave through the screen, like a waving flag?
It's been a while since I fixed one of these, so I
don't remember off the top of my head. But I have a
book at home, forget the name, but it's a Macintosh
repair guide that has a lot of good info to help
pinpoint failed parts. It has a purple cover. Anyone
remember this book? This is going to drive me nuts all
day. :)


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