Bringing up an older Mac

Mr Ian Primus ian_primus at
Fri Apr 11 08:57:38 CDT 2008

--- David Griffith <dgriffi at> wrote:
> I haven't opened it up yet.

In case you've never dismantled one of these Macs, you
need a really long Torx T-15 screwdriver to remove the
two screws in the handle area. If you don't have one,
here's how you can make one:

Take a Bic stic pen, the kind with the white round
barrel, and pull out the pen part and the cap on the
other end, leaving only a hollow tube.

Jam a 1/4" drive T-15 driver bit into one end of the
pen. It will wedge in nicely.

Partially sharpen a new, hexagonal wooden pencil
(think the yellow kind), and ram it into the other end
of the pen barrel. It will also wedge in nicely.

You now have a Mac opener tool that can remove and
reinstall those two Torx screws in the handle. As
stupid as this tool looks, it is strong enough to do
this, and last for many Macs. Once you get all the
screws out (there are five, three you can get with a
normal Torx driver, and two you need the long tool
for), lay the mac face down on a soft towel and use
the heel of your hand to bang on the case around the
seam. Once the case starts to loosen, you can grab the
case and push down on the motherboard ports with your
thumbs, and the case should slide off.

On early Macs (128k, 512k, Plus), there is one screw
behind the battery door. Don't forget it. Also, don't
push on the battery compartment to assist in removing
the case. It's not going to be strong enough, and the
holder could break.


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