Schematics and description of an acoustic memory (1k byte, Display terminal, 1969)

pichotjm pichotjm at
Sat Apr 12 05:47:12 CDT 2008

Hi,If there are some electronic enginneers here, they may be interested by 
this descritption of an alphanumeric display terminal using acoutic delay 
lines. (used in european TV sets)This display terminal was designed in 1969, 
and uses 32 TV delay lines as memory!  The memory size is 16 rows of 80 
characters coded in 6 bit ascii: 1280 words (6 bits)If you are interested, 
have a look there: 
will find the complete set of schematics and deep explanations. Remember, in 
that time, there are no micro-processor, neither RAM chips! Only few gates 
(or, and, nand, JK flip-flop,...)  Sorry, i have no photos of the 
terminal.As you can read, i have a poor english, you can help me in 
correcting the text.Have a good trip in 1969.Jean-Marie PICHOT 

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