Seeking Xceed Color30 card

Robert Borsuk rborsuk at
Sat Apr 12 21:05:59 CDT 2008

On Apr 12, 2008, at 5:57 PM, Jeff Walther wrote:
> Actually, that project was just to clone the Grayscale adapter card.  
> It did not include the frame buffer main card.   The main card was  
> based on a custom chip by Micron--not an FPGA unfortunately.   So  
> the chances of cloning it without having to redesign the bulk of the  
> logic is nill.
> Now, it really shouldn't be that hard to whip something up with an  
> FPGA and either some fastish SRAM or an open core DDR2 controller  
> and one DDR2 memory chip.    However, figuring out all the ins and  
> outs of properly interfacing to the Mac OS of the time has had me  
> slowed and stopped for a while.   It's probably not all that  
> difficult, but it is tedious and there is a lot of information to  
> sort through.  One of the hardest parts is knowing which information  
> I actually need. For every useful tidbit I find, I've gone through  
> 20 chunks of old Mac knowledge which don't apply but were in the way.
> Jeff Walther

Previous blank email was a whoops.  Let me first start by saying that  
I'm sorry Jeff and Teo, I've got your stuff and have been bad about  
sending it out.  I have all the design info on the Xceed SE/30  
card(s).  Including my original source code for the roms, schematics,  
and yes (here's the big one) I have the design files for the custom  
asic.  There were two or three variations of the asic.  Two of them  
were for the SE/30 while another variation was for the Nubus cards.   
On the SE/30 cards, we also used (if I remember right) a couple of  
pals to help out with timing on the card.  I'll get this info out this  
week so maybe Jeff can get busy with his design.


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