Vintage Computer and Gaming Marketplace

Michael B. Brutman mbbrutman-cctalk at
Tue Apr 15 20:59:02 CDT 2008

Just a quick introduction - besides being the guy who can't make his IBM 
6904-20 Lighted Programmable Function Keyboard work on a serial port and 
writing a TCP/IP stack from scratch that runs on a PCjr, I am also a 
moderator at The Vintage Computer Forums web forum ( ) .  Some of you are regulars 
there too, but it is more PC and smaller computer oriented than most of 
you on this list are.

We have many of the same problems with well known auction sites that 
many subscribers here have. We also have enough traffic in our 'for 
sale' section of the forum to finally warrant a more structured auction 
type service.  So we are happy to announce "The Vintage Computer and 
Gaming Marketplace" at .

The idea is give vintage computer collectors an alternative to your 
favorite big site that is more targeted to our specific interests.  It 
is simple to use, it supports auctions and normal fixed price sales, and 
there is none of this sniping bogusness that happens on eBay.  Best of 
all, it's completely free to use - no listing fees.

Thanks for reading,

PCjr nutcase and soon to be TRS-80 Model 4 nutcase

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