Gerber help sought

Eric Smith eric at
Wed Apr 16 14:26:54 CDT 2008

I wrote:
> I don't know.  I last tried to use gEDA two or three years ago, and it
> wasn't mature enough then, so I bought Eagle.  gEDA is reported to be
> much better now, but since I already have Eagle I'm not inclined to
> try it.

Dave wrote:
>    If we're talking about doing PCB layout, the program you're
> probably thinking of is (poorly) named "PCB", which is not part of
> gEDA.

No, I was talking about gEDA.  Pretty much all of the gEDA tools were
very crash-prone when I tried them, most notably gschem.  I didn't
get far enough with those to even bother with PCB.

I fully expect that the gEDA tools are usable now, but at the time
they weren't, so I purchased Eagle.


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