HP41 (was Chess)

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Fri Apr 18 16:03:31 CDT 2008

> the gentleman who sold me a pair of NEC APC's kept
> what I think was a 28 (28c?) next to his *drafting*
> appliance (he was an architect). Whatever the model
> was, it had a green nixy tube display (probably common

Whatever it was, that description does not match the 28C. The 28C is a 
pocket mackine that opens like a book with a keyoard in each half. And a 
4-line LCD display in the right-hand half. The 28C has the destiction of 
being HP's first user RPL machine, and the first machine to do symbollic 
(as opposed to purely numerical) operations. IT's a fairly common machine 
(as is the 28S, which has moro memory).

No HP calculator ever had a vacuum fluorescent display. And no HP 
calculator eeer used nixie tubes. There was one model -- the HP9815 -- 
which used a gas discharage Panaplex display. Most other older models 
(desktop and handheld) used red LEDs. The only machine I can think of 
with a green display was the 9100 family, which used a CRT. The digits 
were drawn using a 7-segment font, vector, not raster, scanned.

The HP9100 is a very interesting machine what I've rambled on about in 
the past...

> amongst early HP stuff). I tried to get him to sell me
> it, but no dice. He loved the thing too much. He
> originally hailed from England by the way.
>  Having a 41* would be nice I guess, but having a 49G
> already would probably render the 41 as a display
> piece. And I have yet to plum the depths of it's

Actually, I disagree. I have a 49G -- one of the worst purchases I ever 
made, and the only time I wrote a letter of complaint to HP about one of 
their products (and for the record, they never bothered to reply...).  I 
use it from time to time, but I use my 41s (and for that matter 16C) a 
lot more. The 41 has a much wider range of useful peripherals.

> capabilities (buggy firmware - the thing locks up for
> a short time quite frequently). 
>  No doubt the 41 is a vintage piece though. You could
> even probably add later models like the 10s, 48's. I
> bought a 10s in 1990, and I doubt it was brand
> spanking new then. I wouldn't mind having a 48GX
> though. I have dreams of finding one still in the
> original package. I think something like that could
> fetch upwards of 600$ on ePay.

I don;t see the point of the original box. You;'d lower the vlaue as soon 
as you ripped off the shrinkwrap and started to use it, and what the 
heck's the point of a calculator you don't use?

If you want a 48GX to use, they're not that rare...


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