are there any 68000 multi-cpu systems out there?

Tony Duell ard at
Sat Apr 19 15:14:30 CDT 2008

> > Didn't HP have a 68K box that had buttons around the crt? Sort of a 
> > poor-man's touchpanel?

Not that I am aware of. There is at least  HP machine with a row of physical 
buttons along the bottom of the CRT bezel (to be used as Softkeys), 
that's the HP9845. But it's not a 68K machine, it uses a pair of custom 
HP CPU hybrid modules, or sone such module and 3 PCBs of 2900-series 
bit-slice chips. 

> Perhaps, but I'm not an HP expert.  I _do_ recall an HP CRT with LEDs
> and phototransistors around the rim for a low-res touchscreen (32x32?)

The common HP to have that was the HP150 family, which were 8088 
machines. The origianl HP150 (9" CRT) has the touchscreen as standard, it 
has a custom interface. The later HP150-II (12" CRT) has an optional 
touchscreen with an HP-HIL interface.

That bezel could also be fitted to at least one HP monitor used with the 
HP9000/200 machines. The monitor has the SIL connectoer for the 
touchscreen cable and a pair of HP-HIL connectors on the back. I have the 
monitor, (I use it with mu 9817, which is a 68010 box), but alas not a 
spare touchscreen bezel to put on it.

> I have one of the screen bezels, but not the HP machine it goes with.
> Someday, I think about dusting it off and trying to get it to work,
> but I haven't managed to find the time yet.

If it's the smaller one, from an original HP150, then the interface is 
essentially 3 signales (clock, sync, data). The conenctor is a 5*2 pin 
0.1" header plug. I have a specification for that, pinouts, timing, etc. If 
it's the larger one, it's HP-HIL, the connector is a 10 pin (? maybe 9 
pin) SIL socket on a pit of flexible ribbon cable. I can fidn a pinout, 
but I _don't_ have the HP-HIL specification. Does anyone -- please not 
it's not the HP-IL spec, I have that...


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