Early spring cleaning...

Josh Dersch derschjo at msu.edu
Sat Apr 19 16:02:08 CDT 2008

Hey all -- I'm trying to free up some space so I have some stuff I'm 
looking to give away.  Local pickup in the Seattle area only, please.

- Commodore PET 8032.  Works, someone managed to do a bit of damage to 
the PCB when replacing a RAM chip or two.  Seems to work fine.
- Miscellaneous 386 & 486 laptops.  Most with 4/8mb ram & hard disks, 
some missing AC adapters.  If you're interested, I can provide more detail
- HP 9000/236.  W/monitor.  Worked last time I powered it up.  Missing 
the "S" key on the keyboard, otherwise in good shape.

- 2 TRS-80 DT-1 terminals.  With dust covers!  Powered up the last time 
I tried them over a year ago.
- Wang 2256-C terminal.  Heavy.  Not sure it's an actual dumb terminal, 
I get the impression it goes with a word-processing system.  As it is it 
powers up, displays a green screen, and beeps once.  (CRT needs a tune-up)

- Gateway SVGA, 15".  Trinitron, works well.
- Mitsubishi Diamond Scan something-or-other.  CGA/EGA, composite, TTL, 
etc.  12 or 13".  Works, a bit scuffed.

- IBM Microchannel Token Ring cards.  Probably work, I don't have any 
token ring hardware to test with.

Let me know if anything strikes your interest...

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