are there any 68000 multi-cpu systems out there?

Brad Parker brad at
Sat Apr 19 11:35:24 CDT 2008

Ray Arachelian wrote:
>>>> Ray Arachelian wrote:
>>>>> Just out of curiosity, were there any machines out there that were 
>>>>> built from multiple MC68000's CPU's?
>Ok, so from the sounds of this thread, perhaps there is a need for 
>multi--cpu support.   I think I'll build the library as two libraries, 
>perhaps controlled by a #define.

I think of the talk so far has been about pre-68020 designs which used
one 68k to "cover" the other during an exception, which is different
from SMP.

I'm surprised no one mentioned Apollo's; didn't they do that also?
(early apollo workstations)


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