HP Integral PC Manuals?

Rik dr.emiel at xs4all.nl
Fri Apr 25 04:04:45 CDT 2008

Try ebay seller tmg or ex-tmg 'the mac service group' the have lots of 
surplus HP stuff and had several integrals on epay.

Losts of IPC images can be downloaded here 
If you search the archive you can find a rather usefull discusion between 
Tony Jos and Joe about repairing and expanding the integral.
I found the article, how to upgrade the ram expansion board to 1M, very 
usefull .


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> Josh,
> For all or most things HP you cant go past www.hpmuseum.net . For the 
> integral see http://www.hpmuseum.net/display_item.php?hw=122
> There are pdf manuals and software for download as disk images.
> If anyone has an Integral in Oz and wants to part with it send me an 
> email!
> Roman
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>> Hey all --
>> Picked up an HP Integral PC.  Probably paid too much for it but something 
>> about a luggable HP machine with a plasma display running HP-UX from ROM 
>> seemed irresistible.  But I digress.
>> Has anyone archived the manuals for this thing?  I've been unable to find 
>> anything in my searches on the internet.  Found some software archives 
>> (and after lubricating the floppy mechanism I've been able to make use of 
>> it...) but not much documentation.  Docs for the HP BASIC for this 
>> machine would be nice, too.
>> I've only played with it for a little while, but it seems like a really 
>> neat machine. (Though it seems like this thing is just begging for some 
>> sort of mass-storage other than the internal floppy and RAM.  Anyone have 
>> an HPIB hard disk for sale? :)
>> Thanks,
>> Josh

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