early RAM ICs

Brent Hilpert hilpert at cs.ubc.ca
Sat Apr 26 03:41:22 CDT 2008

Eric Smith wrote:
> Jean-Marie Pichot wrote:
> > This display terminal was designed in 1969,  [...]  Remember,
> > in that time, there are no micro-processor, neither RAM chips!
> There were RAM chips in 1969.  Most of them stored 16 bits or
> less.  I have not been able to determine when the first 64-bit RAM
> appeared, but it might have occurred by then.

Going back to a thread from a week or two ago, and just for the sake
of providing a datapoint, while looking for some other IC data in a
Motorola 1969 Semiconductor Databook, I noticed:
  MC1170L PMOS 64-bit RAM
  - organised as 16 words of 4 bits
  - binary addressable (4 address lines, 4-bidir data lines)

Also ran across mention of:
 "Intel's first commercial chip, the 3101, a 64-bit static RAM
  using Schottky TTL"
dated at 1969, at:
(Nice page if one is interested in early IC developments.)

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