IBM Powerstation 320h

jim s jws at
Mon Aug 4 00:14:19 CDT 2008

be sure to ask for cables too.  the serial cables are the same as RT 
ones, but are not Dsub cables.  also whatever passes for video would be 
good.  you should be able to use ps2 mouse and kb if you dont get those 

You can start and run this completely serially, with no video, so don't 
pass on it for that reason.  not a real fun way to run it, but it will 
run aix via serial just fine.


Sridhar Ayengar wrote:
> Patrick Finnegan wrote:
>> On Sunday 03 August 2008, Doc Shipley wrote:
>>> John Floren wrote:
>>>> A friend of mine told me he just got an IBM Powerstation 320h
>>>> system and wants to know if I want it, but I can't seem to find any
>>>> information on it. Anybody here got some typical specs and/or
>>>> opinions on the computer?
>>>    It's a variant of the 7012-320 - IBM's first desktop POWER system.
>>> IBM didn't publish MHz specs then, but suffice it to say that the
>>> thing is *slow*.  It'll run AIX 5.1, if you like pain, but v4.3 or
>>> even v3.2 is much more its speed.  No pun intended.
>> Actually, they did publish the clock speed.  According to my copy of 
>> the IBM RS/6000 price list from Sept 21, 1993, the 7012-32H was 
>> withdrawn on 8/18/93, had a list price of $11,750, and a CPU speed of 
>> 25MHz.
>> It's one of the slowest RS/6000 systems that IBM ever produced.
> But it was reasonably high-end when it came out.  It's a pretty early 
> machine.
> Peace...  Sridhar

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