Double-Sided disk drives reading Single-Sided disks (HP 9122 vs

Tony Duell ard at
Wed Aug 6 14:20:58 CDT 2008

> Hey guys;
> This may, or may not, be a silly question, but in all my years of
> fiddling, I realised I had never tried this, so I'm unsure of what the
> results will be.
> My HP Logic Analyser (1630G) can talk to a HP 9121 via HP-IB. I have found
> a 9122, which is a double-sided version of the same device, as far as I

Is it?  I thought the command set was different, but I might be thinking 
of other HP drives that looked similar on the outside and were totally 
different inside.

> can tell. I'm fairly confident the 1630G won't care - but the diskettes
> that I have (inverse assembler pack, thanks Gavin - you rock) are
> single-sided.
> Is there any reason that the 9122 DS drive won't read a SS diskette for
> the 9121?

The 9122 can certainly read SS disks. Whether the system can handle it is 
another matter.


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