IBM Model M keyboard spares

Sridhar Ayengar ploopster at
Wed Aug 6 15:49:20 CDT 2008

Patrick Finnegan wrote:
>>>>>> The Model M came out *waay* after the PC.  The 84-key is the one
>>>>>> for the PC.  I don't think the Model M is even compatible with
>>>>>> the PC.
>>>>> PC AT 5170, yes--PC 5150, no--I tried it.  Different protocol.
>>>> Even on the AT, the protocol works, but you need a cable adapter.
>>> Maybe.
>>> I have one or two detachable Model-M cables that have a DIN-5
>>> connector instead of a MiniDIN-6.  Just don't ask me to try and
>>> find them. :)
>> I have a few IBM 101-key keyboards that have detachable cords, and
>> the DIN-5 connector, but they're not Model Ms.
>> They have completely different part numbers and stiffer key feel. 
>> They also have older square IBM logos.
> But, the cables fit and work with Model M's.
> Thus, you don't need a cable adapter.  (The keyboards and cables store 
> better when the cable is detached from the keyboard anyhow.)

Point taken.

Peace...   Sridhar

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