IBM Model M keyboard spares

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Wed Aug 6 23:20:28 CDT 2008

On 6 Aug 2008 at 21:51, Michael B. Brutman wrote:

> I have several versions of the Model M here that will work on a 5170 or 
> 5150/5160.  From my experiments it looks as though many of the Model Ms 
> built until the early 90s could auto-switch between the two protocols.
> Don't tell the 5160 I have at work that it has a Model M on it.  (And 
> it's not the funny Model M without the indicator lights.  That one 
> without the indicator lights (1390120) was specifically made for the XT.)

Interesting--I've several variations of the M here.  I'll have to try 
them individually on a 5160 to see which do and which don't work.  
Since the first attempt with one didn't, I'd assumed that it would 
hold for all models of the model M (submodels?).  Apparently not.


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