BASIC-Plus decompiler

Anthony L. Eros tony.eros at
Thu Aug 7 07:39:08 CDT 2008

> What I'm remembering is a BASIC decompiler, written in BASIC, 
> that was running on RSTS/e circa 1983. So that was BP, not BP2,
> right?

Circa 1983?  Chances are it's BP2.  

When I was a high school senior in 1978, I wrote a BP2 decompiler for an Independent Study project, so BASIC-PLUS-2 had been around for quite some time by 1983.

I got some of my first exposure to computers through Project DELTA (hi, Rich!!), and was fascinated by PPCODE.  I still have a source listing at home on a VERY faded length of Teletype paper.

-- Tony

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