p-Code environments

Paul Koning Paul_Koning at Dell.com
Thu Aug 7 12:29:53 CDT 2008

>>>>> "Richard" == Richard  <legalize at xmission.com> writes:

 Richard> In article <18587.8416.365037.641299 at gargle.gargle.HOWL>,
 Richard> Paul Koning <Paul_Koning at Dell.com> writes:

 >> Another P-code example, somewhat strange:
 >> The TUTOR language compiler in the PLATO system (designed by
 >> University of Illinois, "marketed" by CDC) is a P-code compiler.
 >> Or more precisely, a hybrid.  It generates P-code for most
 >> operations, but it generates machine code for arithmetic and low
 >> level loops.

 Richard> How did uTUTOR (microTUTOR) differ?  I seem to recall that
 Richard> it downloaded directly into the terminal, which was a Z80.

8080, actually.

As far as I can tell microTUTOR is a more conventional p-code system,
i.e., no machine code in the compiler output.


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