Forgotten PC History

Eric Smith eric at
Sun Aug 10 13:13:47 CDT 2008

bfranchuk at wrote:
> I am not shure of the packaging,  but Motorola's ECL alu
> came in a weird package too.

MC10800 series.  Quad-In-Line Package (QUIP): pins on two opposite sides 
of the body like a DIP, but with the lengths protruding from the package 
(before the downward bend) alternating between short and long, so that 
the pins are in two rows on each side.

Rockwell was one of the biggest users of QUIP packages for 
microcontrollers and such.  I'm not sure whether their QUIPs were 
dimensioned the same as the Motorola ones.

Note that these are different than the QUIP package used by Intel for 
the iAPX-432 components, and by both Intel and Zilog for emulation 
bond-out chips, prior to the introduction of the JEDEC 68 position 
ceramic leadless chip carrier.  This QUIP was designed by Intel and AMP, 
and was a leadless ceramic package with contacts along the two long 
sides, the contacts being staggered in a similar manner to the leaded QUIPs.

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