HERO1 For sale...

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> AtomKey wrote:
>> I am interested in purchasing a HERO1 (fro heathkit).
>> The original asking price from 1979 - 1982 was about $1,500.00
>> I think $150.00 would be a fair trade. What do you think?
> OK, I'll consider giving you $150 for it if it is complete, has all of the
> manuals, and hasn't had any sloppy amateur quality soldering.

I think you have it backawards....AtomKey is LOOKING for a Hero 1 for $150.
Then again, my sarcasm-detector was buzzing ever so slightly  ;)

Of course, from what I've seen the past few years on eBay, I think he's 
missing a zero on the end of his price.
It seems they are as valuable today, as they were back then, if not more! 
You VERY RARELY see one go for
under $500, and that is usually incomplete, non-working units that need 
parts and repair to function.


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