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On Fri, 8 Aug 2008, dwight elvey wrote:

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> > Possibly whatever specific company Intel was contracting with to supply
> > lead frames and ceramic packages didn't yet offer higher pin count
> > packages, but they obviously were available from some vendors since
> > other semiconductor companies like Fairchild and TI were using them.
> >
> > Eric
> Hi
>  My understanding was that Intel wasn't using them and they
> didn't expect to sell enough uP chips to make it practical to use
> a larger size. Later designs did use more pins.
> Dwight
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The 8008 was only introduced a year after the 4004 which was
introduced in 1971.  I can't find a pin out for either of them
but I suspect that they might be pin compatable so that the
upper four bits would be simply not used if the 8008 was put
in a system designed for a 4004.  They were used mostly in
industrial control systems according to my college text of
only slightly later.
Unlike the 8080 and later, they used PMOS logic and multiplexed
addressing.  I cannot find a pin out or instruction set.
Oh, the 8008 had 48 instructions as opposed to 78 for the 8080

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