Plus Hardcard 20 software?

Jim Leonard trixter at
Tue Aug 12 04:18:30 CDT 2008

Against better judgement, I attempted to low-level format a Plus 
Hardcard 20 and completely borked it (with the wrong format, the 
controller won't init and the thing is now a brick).  Does anyone have 
the Plus Hardcard 20 install diskette?

The HardCard is shipped in a partitioned and formatted state, with a 
number of files included on it.  The directory of files is as follows:

            INSTALL  EXE    47479   1-01-80  12:06a
            HCD      BAT       30   1-01-80  12:07a
            HCD1     BAT      128   1-01-80  12:07a
            HCD2     EXE    54769   1-01-80  12:07a
            HCD3     DAT    13440   1-01-80  12:07a
            HCD3     DIF      704   1-01-80  12:07a
            HCD6     SCR     4224   1-01-80  12:07a
            PREPARE  BAT      235   1-01-80  12:08a
            SHELL    BAT       18   1-01-80  12:07a
            LIGHT    COM      145   1-01-80  12:07a
            SOUND    COM      145   1-01-80  12:07a
            PATCHFMT EXE    12670   1-01-80  12:08a
            INSTALL  DAT      425   1-01-80  12:06a

The original Plus install program creates a floppy diskette containing 
the Plus files, as above, but also performs several other operations to 
make it what they refer to as the "REINSTALL" diskette.  This Reinstall 
diskette can later be used for reformatting the HardCard.

Anyone have this??  I am killing myself for bricking the card and would 
really love to get it back.
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