Old-ish Graphic Apps (was: DEC PCB layout under Eagle)

Ethan Dicks ethan.dicks at usap.gov
Tue Aug 12 18:13:18 CDT 2008

On Tue, Aug 12, 2008 at 03:54:26PM -0700, Chuck Guzis wrote:
> Heck, I still use OrCAD/386.  Much simpler to use than the Windoze-
> based versions.  There are some who still use the older DOS OrCAD.

OrCAD DOS was the first schematic capture tool I used, back when it was
current.  I still have a 486 on the shelf that has it installed (but I
originally used it on a 5170 PC c. 1989)

I've gotten used to EagleCAD, but I did like the crispness of OrCAD for
DOS over the Windows version (the difference being that the DOS version
renders right to the framebuffer in some high-res mode compared to what
we were using for Windows resolution at the time).  ISTR using some
extended EGA mode in DOS, since the number of colors (up to 16) wasn't

_If_ OrCAD for DOS can use VESA drivers, there are now some really
nice resolutions on not-entirely-modern cards that we just didn't have
back then.  That, and now it's trivial to get a large-format monitor
that was just dreams back then - I suppose any clunkiness with the UI
would stand out running it on a semi-up-to-date platform, though.  I
haven't actually fired OrCAD up since I started playing with EagleCAD
a number of years ago.  If I had to do a commercial product, though,
I _do_ still have all the old tools (OrCAD, PADS PCB, and some layout
package for the Amiga I had to buy c. 1993 to produce the GG2 Bus+)
so I wouldn't _have_ to upgrade from the hobbyist Cadsoft license,
but in the end it would probably still be worth the expense if I thought
I could make the license cost back in sales).


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