Terak 8510 system on eBay

jeff.kaneko at juno.com jeff.kaneko at juno.com
Wed Aug 13 09:38:25 CDT 2008

Geez, that hurts.  They're 'investment grade' 
systems now.  Major bummer.

I saw a couple, some years ago, rusting away in a
scrapyard in the midwest.  They used to belong to
Boeing.  Damaged beyond all repair.

Lots of heartache to go around . . . .

-- Steven Hirsch <snhirsch at gmail.com> wrote:

>> It's listed for $199 plus shipping for the main unit

<sigh>  I picked up three or four units with disk drives about 12 years 
ago at University of Vermont's surplus sale.  Had no idea what they were 
and could not find anyone who did.  Ended up parting them out and keeping 
the drive mechanisms.




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