Paper Tape Reader

Mike Hatch mike at
Wed Aug 13 10:57:20 CDT 2008

There is a design one kicking around on Epay somewhere that hooks up to a 
parallel port (I believe) but no mechanics. Seller claims you can pull tape 
through with no drop outs. Sorry cant find the link at the moment but will 
have a hunt around for it.

Looks very similar to the Oliver Engineering OP-80 but the pcb's were 
properly finished with green resist and silk screens, also had test tapes. 
Looks like a simple design must be relatively simple to replicate.


> B M wrote:
>> Does anyone know of a source for a [relatively] cheap paper tape
>> reader suitable for reading standard DEC paper tapes?  I have several
>> paper tapes from a PDP-11/20 that I would like to read, and of course,
>> share  :-).  Something like the OP-80 from Oliver Engineering would be
>> suitable.
>> Thanks.
>> --barrym

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