IBM EGA Programming manual: anyone have a copy?

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Wed Aug 13 12:11:02 CDT 2008

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>> I'm searching for a copy of the official IBM EGA programming 
>> manual/reference manual.
>> If I recall correctly, in order to actually GET that manual you needed 
>> to have bought the $150? CGA/MDA programming/reference manual (or 
>> something like that) and have sent in the little registration card, and 
>> IBM sent you the EGA one in the mail.
>> Does anyone have a copy of it?
> I assuem this is not the EGA section from the O&A Techref. I have that, 
> it inculdes the BIOS ROM source listing, schematics, and details of all 
> the I/O ports used, but no explict programing info with examples.
>> (a copy of the cga/mda one would be nice too, but isn't nearly as important)
>> Contact me off-list (or on-list if you'd like) if you do, I'm quite 
> Again, I have the apporopriate TechRef sections...
> -tony
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Yes, it was that. Barry Watzman sent me a scan of his photocopied copy 
of it.

Jonathan Gevaryahu

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