Software for Transtronics/Intronics EPROM programmer

Bob Fay rf.technologies at
Wed Aug 13 22:01:01 CDT 2008

Something over a year ago you posted that you had a backup copy of the
software for the Intronics Pocket Programmer. Is this perchance the original
parallel printer port version? Due to a calamity of stupid human tricks when
the Company I work for sold off one of its product lines the software for
the programmer (which we still have) went with the sale and I suddenly have
a need to burn some 2764 EPROMS to upgrade the firmware in a old system but
I can't get approval for a new burner "because we'll never need it again"
(famous last words) so if you still have the software I'd be interested.


Bob Fay

Bob Fay
Mail: rf.technologies at

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