Plus Hardcard 20 software?

Jim Leonard trixter at
Thu Aug 14 18:09:02 CDT 2008

Chuck Guzis wrote:
> The Plus Hardcard was a weird beast.  I don't think that the option 
> ROM had the low-level formatting utilities on it.  

Correct, it doesn't.  It relied on the software to do the formatting.

I was attempting to reformat it so that I could get more speed out of it 
(interleave is 5:1 on the disk but my 8088-2 clone runs at 9.54MHz and 
can do faster).  I borked it trying to use HDPARM.  Thankfully Jerry 
Wright was able to find the original diskette and I have restored the 
drive to service!  Awesome!

I was attempting to use another hardcard, a "Karddrive 20" with an 
"Octagon Drive" (it looks like an MFM drive in the shape of an oblong 
octagon) and the first time I tried to use it, every other character in 
the ROM was goofy.  The second time I tried, it was perfect and I could 
read the drive's contents (but regrettably did not back them up).  The 
third time, the ROM read all 00's and the drive was useless.  (This was 
all in the course of 10 minutes!)  Can I assume that the EEPROM has 
faded for good?
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