Z80 CP/M home brew computer project PCBs available

Andrew Lynch lynchaj at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 14 20:08:49 CDT 2008


I am continuing work on the N8VEM project.  So far the SBC phase appears to
be a success.  There are many successful builders.

The next phase has started.  I just received an order of ECB backplane PCBs.
I am assembling my own ECB backplane using standard off-the-shelf-parts.

The ECB backplane can be used with the N8VEM SBC for IO expansion.  It is
intended for the "heavy" IO devices like Disk controllers and video boards.

I am presently working on an ECB bus monitor to assist in the development of
builder developed ECB peripherals.

However, the ECB bus monitor will probably not be available for several

After the ECB bus monitor project, I will continue on with the N8VEM Disk IO
peripheral.  It will have an IDE and NEC765 based FDC.

All hardware and software information is freely available and I will help
you the best I can to build your system.  

Obviously, most builders are highly skilled individuals who choose to highly
customize their systems and don't need any of my help.

Builders are encouraged to share their experiences on the N8VEM forums to
help others.  This has been quite successful in identifying and resolving
various bugs.

If you are interested in either the N8VEM SBC or ECB backplane PCBs to build
your own home brew Z80 CP/M computer, please contact me offline.

The SBC and the ECB backplane PCBs are available for low cost ($20 each plus

Thank you in advance.  Have a nice day!

Andrew Lynch

PS, you can get additional information here:  


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