WTB: DEC PC04 Paper Tape Reader/Punch

Rick Bensene rickb at bensene.com
Fri Aug 15 16:16:00 CDT 2008

Speaking of the PC-04 Paper Tape Reader/Punch, I have one for my PDP 8/e system, but one of the ten phototransistors in the monolithic array is shorted, making it pretty useless for reading tapes.  It punches tapes fine.
There are ten phototransistors because eight are used for each of the channels of the tape, one is used to sense the feed holes for clocking purposes, and the last is a "end of tape" sensor.  Unfortunately, since the phototransistors are in a monolithic (single) package, I can't just replace the bad phototransistor or re-arrange them to take the "tape out" one (which I could manage wtihout, I suppose) and use it to replace the bad channel phototransistor.
The small pull-through tape reader that someone mentioned being sold on eBay by "mikesdavis" uses a very similar phototransistor array to that in the PC-08, but only has 9 phototransistors instead of 10.
Anyone out there have any idea where I could lay hands on a 10 transistor array just like the one on the OAE "clone"  that was on eBay (except with 10 transistors instead of 9),  I think that it'd work as a pin-for-pin replacement for the bad one in my PC-04.  OSRAM seems to make these, as I've found datasheets, but they won't even talk to me, and I can't find any retailers that seem to stock this item.
Any help would be most appreciated.
Rick Bensene

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