FS: data books, Franklin Ace 1000 w/floppy drive, Seagate drive/PC controller card

Charles charlesmorris800 at centurytel.net
Sat Aug 16 19:26:07 CDT 2008

More junk coming to light in the barn.

Another lot of data books from the 80's and early 90's. See
picture. $6 plus actual (Media Mail) shipping from 65775.


The Franklin Ace 1000 (Apple II clone, but you probably already
know that if you're interested :) has a "Microtek" parallel
printer card and a single floppy drive, but no disk drive card or
monitor so I can't test it. The power supply voltages are all
good, it's clean inside, and the "ON" and keyboard "LOCK" LEDs are
lit, but that's all I can tell. I did take the missing parts from
my IIe over 20 years ago and booted it up (there's a DOS disk copy
I made in the drive), but no guarantees after sitting in storage
for that length of time! Manual included. No reasonable offer
refused. (You pay shipping or can pick up in St. Louis).


Also a Seagate ST-277R drive (a whopping 65 MB), complete
ST21R/22R controller card with instructions and cables. Again,
this worked a very long time ago with a 386SX-40 system, IIRC.
Probably has Win 3.1 on it, but I don't remember. Make an offer,
it's just taking up space here and I hate to throw it out!


Please email me off-list if interested.

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