Gene Buckle geneb at deltasoft.com
Sun Aug 17 19:37:30 CDT 2008

I've got 3 boxes of 5.25" disks (RX50) that appear to have Ultrix-11 on 
them.  There are 31 disks total.  The sheet of paper included with box #1 
says that it's version 2.0.

Disk 1 - "Boot"
Disk 2 - 7 "Root"
Disks 8 - 10 "usr"
Disks 11 - 13 "sysgen"
Disk 14 "usep"
Disks 15, 16 "F11CMDS"
Disks 17,18" "J11CMDS"
Disk 19 "uucp"
Disk 20 "sccs & plot"
Disk 21 "F77 Fortran"
Disk 22 "docprep"
Disk 23 "learn 1/2"
Disk 24 "learn 2/2"
Disk 25 "dictionary"
Disk 26 "games"
Disks 27-30 "manual" (note says "this archive from the orig. was trashed 
on 2nd or 3rd disk"

Disk 31 unreadable note (can't figure out what was written on the paper)

I can't guarantee that they're readable as I no longer have anything 
capable of reading RX50 disks.  These were given to me years ago and I 
never got a PDP-11/n to use them with.

I would like to trade these for three boxes of new 5.25" DSDD disks 
(Athana or other unopened media).  I'll pay for postage of the Ultrix 11 
media to you.

If interested, please contact me off list.



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